Our take on Cantonese style roast duck with our No.2 seasoning. Somewhere between traditional Cantonese roast duck but with the freshness of a duck pancake. It's also a lot quicker...

- No. 2 Seasoning
- Duck breasts
- Cucumber
- Spring onions
- Salt
- White pepper
- Hoisin sauce (no shame in substitutions - look some up!)
  1. Throw as much No.2 on the duck as you wish, then place in a cold pan with some oil skin side down. Bring the pan up to heat till the duck breast is searing and gains a nice colour.

  2. Place your duck in a preheated oven at 225C for 10 minutes, then take out and rest.

  3. In the meantime chop your cucumber and spring onions. Once the duck is rested, slice it up.

  4. Keep the pan with the duck juices aside to heat up and add hoisin sauce - roughly a tablespoon worth - add a splash of water, whisking together into a thick consistency.

  5. Pile on and serve with half white pepper and salt on the side.
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